BA Mass Communication – Strategic Communication                                                   

Expected Summer 2020

St. Cloud State University (SCSU), St. Cloud, MN

  • Major: Public Relations
  • Minor: Psychology

Cambridge A Levels                                                             

July 2012–July 2014

Taylor’s College Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur

  • Pre-college program that follows the University of Cambridge
  • Studied business program



Library Circulation Desk

Sept. 2018-Present

St. Cloud State University

  • Developed interpersonal skills with the students and community patrons
  • Provided customer service to every patron to make their use of the library more comfortable and convenient
  • Developed skills to organize library books

Native English Teacher                                                    

June 2017–June 2018

Yein Kindergarten and HUFS (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies), Osan, S. Korea

  • Trained and followed an English program known as Grapeseed where kids from the ages of 5 to 7 are taught how to point, read, write, listen and speak English
  • Developed interpersonal skills with both students and parents
  • Facilitated students from kindergarten to high school to improve their English language

English Speaking Teacher                                             

Jan. 2017–March 2018

Study Search, Suwon, S. Korea

  • An organization where people from all ages and work backgrounds gather for 3 months can learn English
  • Hosts, i.e. teachers, can teach freely or according to their own curriculum
  • Developed interactive class curriculums for different levels of class
  • Provided each student with individual tips on how to feel confident with their English skills

Online English Tutor                                                                    

EM English, Seoul, S. Korea

Jan. 2017–June 2017

  • Taught local (Korean) students from all ages and work backgrounds, through phone calls, for 10 minutes everyday
  • Developed rapport and professional relationships with all students

Private Tutor                                                                                   

Educo, Suwon, S. Korea

Sep. 2016–Dec. 2016

  • Creatively taught students from elementary to high school English
  • Built lesson plans for each individual students to suit their learning abilities and to ensure student comprehension
  • Developed rapport with both the students and their parents to ensure both requirements and wants were met from the lessons



BAUTEK, Seoul, S. Korea

July 2012-Aug. 2016

  • Language interpretation for a venture company that produces high-tech window and door products with the European system
  • Offered interpretation services at ARCHIDEX, an International Architecture Exhibition
  • Obtained flexibility and adaptability and the skill to react quickly to situations
  • Earned influencing skills by persuading buyers and consumers to business deals


Exhibition Experience

International Food and Beauty Expo

July 2012–Aug. 2016

  • Offered interpretation services to businesses at the exhibition
  • Displayed persuasion skills by being taught about the company’s products on the spot before sale
  • Worked as a team with company’s employers to communicate effectively


Internship Experience

CU Medicare, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nov. 2015–Dec. 2015

  • Revised and translated medical documents and company presentation demonstrating strong organizational abilities
  • Publicized company products to buyers interested in the company products
  • Provided interpretation services between company and buyers
  • Developed a strong business relationship with the buyers so that they feel comfortable and more confident with the business and company products



  • Fluent in English and Korean
  • Organized
  • Able to work in teams and on my own
  • Time management skills
  • Flexible
  • Social Media skills