Introdcution Video

This is an introduction video of me. In this video I just give a glimpse of myself, and my aspiring career.

I would like to thank Kua, one of my friend in my COMM240 class. Without him, I would not have been able to make this video.

We worked together by helping each other record our videos on November 12th, the week before our thanksgiving break.

He even helped me with the interviewing. He asked me professional questions related to my major, and about my aspiring career.

We decided to use the iPad kit. We used the tripod, although we did not use the mic. We both knew how to use it, but at that time I had a very different idea of how my video was going to look like. I was going to do a voiceover, but that did not go to plan. So instead I decided to put some background music, and some subtitles.

There are a lot of changes that I would like to make for example the quality of the sound. Or learn more about B-Rolls and all other editing terms.

During this assignment, I really got to learn in more depth on how to use Adobe Premier Pro, and how to edit videos a little more.

I know I still have a lot to learn, and there were some parts where both my professor and I stressed out because the audio for the music would not work.

All in all, this last assignment was exciting and stressful at the same time!

The video below is just a rough edit, and I’m hoping to actually make this video a little bit more smooth.

Here’s a little screenshot of my efforts thus far!

Check out the video below or click on this link!


Happy Homecoming

On Wednesday October 17th, 2018 was the first day of homecoming. Well the first, after the president of St. Cloud changed, and was brought back by President Wacker.

My first official third month here, since stepping on to the soil of American grounds, and I get to experience one of the biggest Modern American culture, Homecoming.

As an International student who has only seen and heard about America and their culture through TV or from Snapchat, this was a surreal moment for me.

I don’t really know what Homecoming is, nor do I understand it, but it was an experience to be part of and experience this culture.


The weather was absolutely beautiful, although it was windy, the sun was bright and the skies were clear. The Homecoming fair started from noon until 3pm, but continued from 7pm until 11pm. I had never seen a Ferris wheel that was portable before, I had only seen them through TV, and it was a very scary moment. They had a stall where you could stuff your own Husky, and stall where you got free food, and this was just during the day! The exciting things came through at night. They no longer had the sutff-your-own-husky, but they did have a bouncy castle, a mini golf station, a mocktail bar, the Ferris wheel, and they brought their dogs to this event too. But, this wasn’t the highlight of my night. I met a Golden Retriever, her name’s Zoe, and she’s 10 years old, and she was the most outgoing, people-loving, and friendliest dog I ever met. So I was busy petting her and sharing my love, when the owner asks for my name.

She asks, “What is your name?”

I replied, “My name’s Sue!”

Zoe’s owner replies back, “Sue? Nice to meet you. I’m President Wacker.”

Boom! Mic drop! I literally screamed on the spot because I got to meet the President of my school! That was really the highlight of my night. It was honestly so much better than meeting a celebrity. Safe to say my reaction did cause some attention, but I don’t care, I just got to meet the President of my School! I can scream all I want.


Meeting President Wacker in person was THE highlight of the night. Remember the Ferris Wheel? Yeah, I had to sign a waiver to ride a Ferris Wheel. Never in my life would I fear for my life by riding a Ferris Wheel. I was very very confused. Why did I have to sign a waiver to ride a Ferris Wheel? And I really didn’t feel safe at all, the seats were rocking back and forth too much, and I swear one of the seats above us were rocking too much it could have ALMOST hit the two girls who were sitting in front of me. Talk about a Final Destination movie moment right there.

Apart from the life-threatening Ferris Wheel, the first day of Homecoming fair of 2018 I think was a huge success. They made amazing foods, mocktails, stuff-your-own-husky, they brought in a Ferris Wheel, which in on its own was pretty cool, and I GOT TO MEET THE PRESIDENT OF MY SCHOOL! (and yes I did underline and bold this part, because this part IS and WAS important)

SCSU you never fail to disappoint!

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Who am I?

Photo by HeeSoo Kim.
©2018 HeeSoo Kim. All Rights Reserved.

Okay, so the title of this blog made it sound a little deeper than I intended. But, it’s really the only title I could think of.

This post is really just so you can get an idea of my likes, dislikes, you know what I’m like as a person.

What do I like?

Well, I like A LOT of things. I love to read books, mainly a lot of adventure and crime solving books. You know the author who wrote the book like The Da Vinci Code, or Inferno? If not, the author’s name is Dan Brown. If you know what I’m talking about, that’s the kind of book I like. I also love sports (especially, soccer and baseball), probably because my family, specifically my dad and my brother were sports lovers, so it kind of grew to me, and i also participated in TOO MANY sports clubs in my school. I’m still trying to get used to American football, because I don’t understand the rules and also where I grew up (if you’ve read my About page, Malaysia), American football wasn’t a common sport. But, I’m still getting used to it, and I’m getting there! So before, you come at me about that, stop. Wait a minute, I promise I AM GETTING THERE!

I also love, and when I mean love, I LOVE makeup! What’s my preference? Lipstick and a really good highlighter! A girl’s got to shine and glow! For those wondering, right now, I am obsessed with The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer and Smashbox. I don’t really love eye shadow, because I have no clue at all how to apply it. I tried it once, and I looked like a raccoon. No, really I did.


What do I dislike?

Celery and ginger. Oh man, do I really hate that. Why? They have a smell and this funky taste that I just can’t get over. But other than that, I don’t really dislike many things. I’m just a very easy going, dramatic and very very bubbly person!


Hmm, I’m really an open book, so it’s not that hard to really get to know me, and I’d like to think I’m a simple person!

Busan Bound

Back in May I went on my FIRST road trip, and when I mean my first, I literally mean my first time ever.

I was still in Korea at the time, and still working as an English teacher. My friends, my coworkers who I grew very close to, and I decided to head to Busan for the weekend. It was a 2 day trip, and it was a very last minute idea.

Busan is in the southern part. To get to Busan the usual mode of transport is either by car or train. It would take roughly 6 to 8 hours if you were to travel by car, and since we didn’t have a car, we decided to go by train. Korea is really known for their train systems. We have two kinds of train, SRT and KTX. The KTX is the fastest train in Korea. The SRT is about the same speed.

We decided to take the SRT as it was a little cheaper, and the tickets were available compared to the KTX.

To take the SRT or KTX you do have to go to the designated train station, since it only operates at given main stations.

We left for Busan at 8am, and arrived at around 10am.

Once we arrived, the weather was a little gloomy, but that didn’t stop us from looking around.

We visited the street markets, the fish markets and tried amazing, fresh, and delicious seafood at the fish market. The one moment from the trip that I won’t forget was watching an intense argument unfold between two vendors. I’m not really sure what the argument was about, because in Busan they speak a different dialect, and usually in the Southern part of Korea, they speak with a very strong dialect. Anyways, the argument was about the two the both of them fighting over their turf and their products they were selling. Safe to say it was a very intense and scary argument that I’ve witnessed.

The one thing that you should NEVER, and I mean NEVER miss out on is the seafood. Seafood always tastes the same where ever you go, but in Busan, seafood is extra fresh because they catch all the fish, crabs, squids and other kinds and is served on the spot.

Of course, Busan has a very wild night life, and we couldn’t miss out on such an opportunity. We visited a bar called Thursday Party, and it was VERY packed. It’s a fact that Koreans go wild when they party, but I underestimated that fact. Safe to say, it was a crazy crazy night.

The next day we got a late breakfast, and for the last remaining hours of our trip we headed down to Haeundae, one of the most famous beach in Korea, where you will see a lot of tourists and locals. We stayed at the beach for 2 hours and the girls and I got a nice tan on, and off we went back to our homes.

My first road trip was a huge success, and it was one of the best time of my life.

Check out the photo gallery for pictures and videos of my trip or check out PHOTOS page.

Here is a little video from youtube about Busan!