My name is HeeSoo, I usually go by Sue as a lot of people have a hard time pronouncing my name. So Sue, is my unofficial English name. I am a Mass Communication student at St. Cloud State University with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Psychology.

I was born in South Korea, and then moved to Malaysia three months after I was born.

I studied at a British International School, Garden International School, and then studied at a Malaysian college where I continued studying under the British education system. After I completed my A Levels program at the college, I moved to an International University.

Before, I was a business major, in the traditional Korean culture, if a family member owns a business then their child is to take over when they are ready. That was my life for the first year of university. It was around 2015 when I realized that I didn’t want that life. I have a passion for talking to people, mingling with people, moving around when I work and a passion for social media. That’s when I decided to pursue a career in either broadcasting or Public Relations.

I started working when I was 16 years old. I’ve had 4 years of experience as an interpreter, and 6 years of experience as and English and Korean teacher.

I hope to work in firms and organizations all over the world with the skills and experiences that I gain while studying at St. Cloud State University.

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